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Welcome to the Howl Basin Chronicle!

The Howl Basin Chronicle is the official repository of all information pertaining to the Howl Basin RPG Setting, a low-magic, Turn of the Steam Age-era campaign setting principally designed for use with the TarnishedTale Ruleset, for which it is the primary gameplay prototype.

Howl Basin is a mostly-wild region full of dense forests, golden plains, arid badlands, and river valleys, hemmed in on three sides by the Howling Herald Mountains and along its west by the Golden Sea. Historically a wild frontier, Howl Basin, in whole, is largely becoming increasingly settled by the Folks, varying cultures who are all trying to fulfill the promise of a better world in their own, specific ways. The Landfolk, Eyriefolk, Packfolk and Hivefolk are all trying to create their own new heartlands - at once in competition and cooperation with each other, while the more enigmatic Woodfolk, Mountainfolk and Seafolk seem content to live at the fringes of the burgeoning Howl Basin society.

This new golden age of settlement and industrialization has been made possible by the relatively modern innovation of Steam Power and the increasing utility of rail travel, along with numerous natural resources suddenly gaining new economic importance within the Basin. Strange Occurrences bedevil the Folks who live in the Basin, however, and as always, the twin threats of greed and violence loom. The civilizing basin is often anything but.